Perinatal Doula Services

Hiring a doula is a worthwhile way to provide yourself with reliable support during this dynamic and often unpredictable time. A lot can come up during pregnancy, labor, birth, and in postpartum and Leslie's private doula services can help you navigate choices and experiences with more confidence and less confusion. 

From comprehensive services to last-minute needs, Leslie wants to work with you! For various packages and corresponding sliding scale fees, please drop a request here

client endorsements

from CASEY:

“I connected with Leslie right away and appreciated her approach, which was non-judgmental, completely respectful of my opinions and feelings, and laid back but confident. I knew she would be the relaxing presence I needed during my labor. Leslie traveled to our home for our two extensive prenatal visits. She not only helped me to plan for the birth process, but importantly she was willing to listen to me talk about my hopes, fears, and anxieties about such a major life event. She devoted a lot of her time to those discussions and I will always appreciate that. Her love for what she does is evident in her commitment to her clients. During labor, Leslie was the calm but forceful presence I needed, quietly and effortlessly directing the movement and energy of the room. I highly recommend Leslie, no matter your birth plan.”

ASHLEY shares:

“Leslie has an incredible presence and the perfect qualities that make her a fabulous doula. From the moment I met her I felt at ease. She took the time to address all of my concerns as well as my husband’s as we prepared and was responsive to all my questions leading up to my labor. There was a lot of pressure in my situation as well given that I was attempting labor after c-section with my first. We strategized together and prepared to the max. I always felt like Leslie was in my corner and anticipated my needs well. After developing a fever half way through labor, it wasn’t looking good. But Leslie, my husband and I fought hard together. She was prepared with every tool and worked tirelessly to keep me as comfortable as possible and hopeful. To the last second, Leslie was even massaging my hips, helping me get ready to push. And we avoided the emergency c section with only minutes to spare. I’m still on cloud nine from this incredible experience and accomplishment that I could never have achieved without her. I highly recommend Leslie without hesitation and will be using her again if we have more children. :)”

recommendation from GEORGE sr.: 

"Leslie was simply amazing during our birthing experience! My girlfriend was going to be a first time mom and Leslie helped to construct a birth plan that completely catered to my girlfriend's needs and wants. Based on her prior experiences Leslie offered advice on what to expect leading up to the big day and on the big day itself. During the actual birth, both my girlfriend and I felt very lucky to have Leslie in the room. She was very supportive, but not overbearing which is exactly what my girlfriend wanted from her doula. Also, Leslie provided such important advice on lactation that my son was able to hit the ground running! My girlfriend and I definitely recommend Leslie and think she is an amazing doula whom will contribute greatly to your birthing experience."


"Leslie was an absolutely invaluable support to us! She is warm, kind, and her passion for her work was evident immediately upon meeting her. Appointments never felt overly business like, awkward, or rushed and Leslie seemed like an old friend by the time our birthing day arrived. She truly knows how to make you feel comfortable! Leslie is a wealth of knowledge and was beyond helpful during my labor, providing unwavering physical and emotional support not only to me but to my husband and mother as well. Her sense of calm and positive energy are contagious. She worked so well with my very-involved husband and our care team, supporting our preferences and acting as an advocate for us throughout the entire experience. I could go on and on about how wonderful working with Leslie was, she is everything we could have ever wanted in a doula and we are so grateful to have found her!" 

recommendation from JENNY: 

"We loved Leslie! From the moment we met her, I knew she would be the perfect fit. She was warm, knowledgeable, understanding, unpretentious, and had a great sense of humor. She clearly has a passion for her work and is committed to her clients. I recommend her completely!"


"We were initially on the fence about having a doula, but after the coaxing of some friends, we decided to go for it. We now tell everyone that Leslie was one of the best decisions we made. Leslie's calm demeanor made us both feel at ease. She easily managed two women, with different expectations and feelings about birth and motherhood, normalizing our experiences. She is very intuitive, giving us space and encouraging strategies when needed, and without prompting. She had lots of information to provide, and made us feel as though we were prepared for the process. She seamlessly handed our expectations for a vaginal birth turned to last minute C-section. She quickly responded to all texts, even middle of the night ones. Honestly, what was a stressful experience was made so much more comfortable by knowing that we had Leslie there to rely on and to help guide us. We only have wonderful things to say. We loved having Leslie be a part of this of this excited and nerve wracking experience - she provided guidance, warmth and comfort, and we are so grateful."

baby S's DAD says: 

"Leslie was a conscientious, committed, caring and fun doula! She helped me find good resources that I could use (books, videos etc) and made the challenging parts of the experience (before, during and after) very understandable. I was never afraid to sound silly or ask the wrong question - because she just made it feel so comfortable to share what she knew. Leslie dived into many areas and then raised points which we never considered and some that would often be slightly uncomfortable to ask, but were always relevant (e.g. postpartum and how to deal with it). I believe that this is a sign of a great professional - to raise the areas that the client is oblivious to. At the delivery, Leslie was very attentive and allowed my partner to feel super comfortable in all that she was going through! She danced and sang with us and when the time was here to begin the final stages of delivery she was an uber supportive and dedicated coach! If you believe in it, she has very warm and calming energy and it was easy and comfortable to spend 30+ hours in close quarters with her. She visited us twice before the birth and then once after and was on call when ever we needed her - (pretty amazing since we called her at 2am a few times with contractions!) I would highly recommend Leslie McGhee and there should be more of her around on a day to day basis."