Hi, there. It’s Leslie the doula!

Leslie provides doula services to clients in NYC and shares information, resources, and her love of reproductive freedom with any one who wants or needs it through EveryBody's Doula online. 


 Leslie believes in supporting individuals and families with access to empowering resources and authentic, non-judgmental support at every significant point in their lives, especially surrounding reproductive milestones. She strives to create a practice that is affirming of all people, celebrating all sexual orientations, genders, ages, colors, sizes, immigration statuses and individual choices.  

Originally from the Southeast, Leslie has spent over a decade in the city making Brooklyn her home. She comes to birth work by way of her passionate feminism and backgrounds in social justice advocacy and reproductive rights work. Leslie spent the first part of her career in the non-profit sector fighting for dignity and respect with immigrant and working-class New Yorkers before following her call to be a doula. Leslie spends her free time seeking laughter, nurturing urban gardens, and fostering kittens.