“Not only do you get to decide what to do with your body... but also, you have the right to have the conditions that enable you to act on those decisions.”

— Loretta Ross, Writer/Activist


What is a doula?

Doulas are more popular than ever! Having questions about what a doula does and how one could support you is still very normal. Get answers to some common questions…

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Who is EveryBody’s Doula?

What you need depends on where you are in your journey. You deserve support that feels affirming and comfortable. Leslie runs a client-centered practice based in NYC.

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Doula Services

Hiring a doula is a way to provide yourself with reliable support during this dynamic and often unpredictable time. A lot can come up during pregnancy, labor, birth, and in postpartum. Leslie's private doula services can help you navigate choices and experiences with more confidence and less confusion.



Working with a doula is a very personal experience, and the right fit can make a huge difference. Read what past clients have to say about working with Leslie.