About Stacey Lewis

Who is Everybody's Doula?

I was called to become a birth doula after graduating from college with a BA in Women and Gender Studies.  While attending university, I knew I wanted to help women directly, and aiding laboring women to have a joyous birth is both inspiring and fulfilling. 

I was raised in a home with four generations of strong women. My great-grandmother, who I was blessed to have in my life until I was 13 years old, was a nurse and midwife in Haiti.  I wholeheartedly  believe that her guiding spirit has called me to the birthing world.  Coming from a long line of women in the health profession, I am proud to continue that work.  

After completing my doula training with DONA in May 2010, I have attended a few births and am currently studying Hypno-birthing and massage, which I hope to use in my doula work in order to provide women with the most comprehensive and nurturing support possible.  Having spent many years as a women’s rights and reproductive rights activist, I marvel at laboring women’s innate strength and power.

Why am I Everybody’s Doula?

I fully believe that all laboring women are entitled to a nurturing and exceptional labor support team, which includes a birth doula.  Many laboring women have negative birthing experiences due to lack of proper labor support, unnecessary medical interventions and misinformation about their rights and options in labor. As a feminist and spiritual humanist, I work with all pregnant women regardless of identity, ability and socioeconomic status.  I am open to all clients and can often negotiate fees on a sliding scale. Being Everybody’s Doula is not a job but a calling and a mission.      

I live in New York City and I am a Brooklyn based doula. However, I do work with clients in other boroughs depending on the distance. 

I am fluent in French and Haitian Creole and am currently learning Spanish.